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Cell production process, the effect of screen printing will directly affect the conversion efficiency of the battery, the printing core is the aspect ratio of the silver paste after printing. Therefore, the screen, silver paste and squeegee must be kept innovative, when the preparation of higher requirements of screen printing Just ten years, the gate line requirements more and more fine, has been from the initial 60um into the current 30um; followed by the squeegee replacement (as shown below), now SPS-AS-SL is more and more popular! SPS-AS-SL's core strengths are: 1、Cutting edge type    edge  more smooth, more sharp, suitable for 30um and below line printing 2、Unilateral design    Although soaked in ink for a long time, but the printing pressure will remain relatively stable 3、Super wear-resistant polyurethane    One edge printing more than 60,000 4、Anti-static design    Reduce the static electricity in the printing process, the printing line is more straight   For machine types:MAXWELL(China)、Baccini(Italy)、DEK(United Kingdom)、Folungwin(China)   provide Squeegee customized services