Support plate screen printing squeegee fixture

1.SPS-SX support plate squeegee fixture advantage

Traditional silk screen scraping fixtures are clamped with pure rubber

squeegee,Use an Allen key to tighten the screws.During the locking process,

the squeegee will be crushed and deformed, causing the squeegee

blade to form a snake shape and printing.The film thickness is not uniform.

SPS-SX support plate squeegee fixture advantage

◆ No need to remove the fixture from the device

◆ Fast locking handle, no need for auxiliary tools to lock the squeegee

◆ Insert the fiberglass plate part of the squeegee directly into the

fixture, clamp, and the blade edge is not affected.

◆ Replace the squeegee fast, and does not replace the squeegee produced

screen blocking

2.Specifications and materials

● Aluminum alloy profile, oxidation treatment

● The width of the square tube connecting the SPS-SX scraper

fixture of the printing equipment should be less than 26mm

● The thickness of the fiberglass board of the glass fiber board

squeegee is 1.3~1.6mm

● SPS-SX fixture is currently producing a longest length of 500mm